2' x 4' Vertical Greenwall

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  • Measurements: 48" L x 2.5" W x 24" H

    Hanging Hardware included: Heavy duty 18" Hangman hardware. All parts and instructions included.

    This piece contains 100% preserved plants, including various shades of sheet moss, mood moss bunches, amaranth, mushrooms, fern fronds and cork bark. Preserved means that they were once alive but are no longer living. They have been beautifully preserved to maintain their color and flexibility. They will not grow and do not require sunlight, water or any trimming. There are no roots and no soil. 

    Frame: This frame was handcrafted in-house. It is a maple frame with oak splines that reinforce durability. It has been stained and finished with Danish oil in the color 'medium walnut'.  

    I accept commissions and custom orders. If you'd like a custom-made frame, please reach out via the "Connect" page at the top of this site. Thanks!